Friends And Lovers In Other Universes

Every time I daydream, I think about social relationships I wished I could have. It's about being friends with unattainable people and having loving relationships with crushes. I like to fantasize about so many situations that we could be in.

I know there is some other universe among a multitude where these fantasies have happened. I question myself so many times why this soul is living in this particular universe where it could not possibly be true. I even daydream about waking up one day and finding out I've switched me with my other self in another universe.
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I have some imaginary friends. :D. I also daydream about having a good friend circle.

Thanks, midnightsuffer. Finding people with nearly the same brain waves as I do on EP would make my day.

I've had just a few chances to make things happen with those whom I thought it would be untouchable. Made successes with good ones and lost some with unattractive personalities I found afterward.<br />
<br />
We both got guts and we're better for it.

I'm guilty of these sorts of daydreams too. Sometimes these daydreams inspire me though and give me enough courage to make them a reality. I've found the guts to strike up several friendships thanks to some very imaginative, good daydreams!

Really ? I dream about the same thing, i imagine relationships, friends and sometimes i wish to wake up and be with these people.