It Takes Only A Few Seconds...

In this crazy world that we call life, time seems to be slipping faster each time. And so given a few seconds, my mind often blanks itself out and sends me off to another world, one that I often want to be on. When I'm feeling annoyed at someone and/or something, I often fantasize of violent outbursts against them. I wouldn't act on it but it enables me to soothe it down or even quelch it down altogether. When I'm feeling sad or depressed, I would ease it off with daydreaming about the opposite of what I'm feeling. It might not happen in reality but it'll ease those feelings away until another day. When boredom reigns and time seems to have slowed down, give your mind a few seconds to think of something and you'll be off to adventures in no time. Daydreaming is good for you, it enables your creative juices to flow, although just make sure you don't get in too deep in fantasy and fail in reality.
Palmad24 Palmad24
26-30, F
May 21, 2012