Skinny Dip Revenge

a year or so ago we went skinny dipping in the summer as we always do, we being my sister and step mom, there is nothing like sinny dipping on a hot sunny day anyway 1 paticular day i was out in the water and came back out my sister and step mom had dissapeared along with my clothes, fortunely we only lived over the road from the beach so it wasent far to go and as a small boy i dident have much to cover lol, anyway it took a while but i eventually got a chance to get revenge, it was 3 weeks ago again at the beach same situation only it was me who stole their clothes this time, only unlike them i just hid for a while and dident go home i just let them stew foe 10 mins and returned back to them, i had to run though when i gave them back, any way we all laughed about it later on
jameshyron13 jameshyron13
13-15, M
May 21, 2012