In the Real Or Virtual World ...

The dream commands the life of our existence’s land. Dream that we are here or there and be endlessly in love, we laugh when we had to cry, it is the strengh who let us live the dreams…day and night.

How many dreams come through our minds, how many hopes do we have in our hearts? Only the dream can express our inner feelings, the weakness and strengh of each one of us…. Nobody knows the answer, only the ones who dream like me...daydreaming.

If I don't dream I don't live, I want to feel the taste that this dream one day will be my reality...I dream that to dream is to be alive, to feel on the crest of the dream the wish of being, of having and living it while I am waking up…and longing to dream again.

Through the dreams I am happy even though some of them will not be more than a virtual dream...My dream will never end, I will always dream, good dreams, bad dreams, the joy of sadness because it is the dream that commands my life.

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4 Responses Sep 7, 2008

I'm a lifelong daily daydreamer<br />
<br />
Mr Versatile: Man Of 1000 Voices is in BBC TV The Voice 2013<br />
<br />
I plan 2 hit albums & 2 world tours 2014-15<br />
<br />
That will be 50 yrs from getting my first guitar & I can see the headlines now: The Overnight Success That Took 50 Years

Dreams may try to support your emotions or unconcious thoughts, but there is always a reason you dream what you do.<br />
A Wish, a feeling, an event, a shock, a disappointment, a love, relationship with anyone and so on. They can always be translated.<br />
Mostly my dreams are confusing, but on analysis they actually make sense. They are not often pleasant.

Beautiful writing.

Interesting story .. I love to daydream and its only by doing this that I am sure what I long for ..