Daydreaming Too Much?

I daydream a lot. Often to the point where reality gets blurred with imagination. If I imagine that I'm someone else, I can't help but talk like them for a few minutes. If I imagine that I break my foot, I can't help but limp around for a moment or two. It takes me a while to stride back into reality when I'm daydreaming.

Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe I should make some friends. Something. Because I sort of frighten people when I walk through the house muttering to myself.

I might benefit from this extremely vivid imagination, though. I'm a writer. I think it would be harder for me to write if I didn't daydream so much.

So the question is, am I daydreaming too much? Do I need to get out more?

Do I need professional help? (Mom is uncomfortable with my "in the clouds" nature.)
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5 Responses Jun 13, 2007

Erica's comment made me lol, just becasue I usually do the same: It's like I'm having a natural conversation with a person, although I've always believed that it somehow slows my thinking process, but it feels so great...

it's a gift. love it, use it. <br />
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normal is boring... i don't get parents obsessions with their kids striving towards it.

Thanks. <br />
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It's really hard to not mutter to myself. I should try, though. lol

As long as you are a functional in the real world, I say have fun with your day dreams! I come from a family that when deep in thought gestures wildly, as though talking, and when working out a problem I pretend like I am explaining to someone. I had to train myself not to mumble to myself! Keep day dreaming, and I look forward to reading some of your writing!

That's really interesting. Your mom sounds like my dad. When I was a kid he would say to me, verbatim, "why do you always have your head in the clouds?". It drove me crazy and still makes me angry today that he didn't appreciate that I was a creative curious kid, not some idiot like he made me out to be. I think being that way is a sign of creativity and observation. Being more in touch with what's around you. It is important sometimes to snap out of a daze and live in reality for a while but it's equally important (for me at least) to be immersed in thought as well.