I Think I Have a Problem

Often times I will spend more of my day dreaming than awake.  When I'm walking to work, or school, riding the bus, waiting in line, or just sitting, I will often times just dream.  When I was younger I was so into daydreaming that I did it at night too.  So much so that I would only end up getting 3 hours of sleep a night (for months), but oddlly enough I wasn't tired or anything the next day... I think I maybe found that gray area between real dreams and day dreams, where I actually managed to replace my real sleep with daydreaming. 
And if that isn't weird enough, I'm rarely in my dreams, my dreams are of other people, in other places that have no relation to me what so ever, it's like tv kind of...
Anyone else do this? Or am I completely insane?
Lucid Lucid
22-25, F
Aug 7, 2007