It's far into the future and the earth has changed a lot. All plants that weren't for eating have died out and now machines do their jobs. Livestock and humans are the only animals left on Earth.

A ship comes from deep space and goes into orbit around the earth. The Earth space force scrambles there pods to surround the mysterious ship.

"HQ, do you see these markings on the side"?
"Yes, seems to be an ancient language known as English. It died out during the great nuclear wars of 2600. I've translated it, it says, THE ARK".

"We've scanned the ship and found some very faint signs of life, permission to enter"

"Permission granted, be careful".

The ship is riddled with dents and scratches. She goes to what resembles an entrance and starts down a hallway which splits off into many different directions.

"HQ, I'm not seeing much."

The lights come on and things start to power up.

""HQ HQ are you reading this"?
"Yes, seems the ship is powered by stars, it's just charging itself".

She continues on and suddenly a small hallway opens up into a large room.

She starts to laugh.

"Are you okay, what's wrong"?

"HQ, you're not going to believe this, there are thousands of seeds and DNA samples on board. They're all categorized, endless rows and stacks of samples".

"Dear God, how long has this thing been traveling through space, were sending you some help".

More and more people come aboard. The samples are very carefully taken down in the pods, not wanting to risk 'reentry in the antique space ship.

First the plants are planted around the planet. After ten years the plant eaters are grown and cloned and spread out according to what they eat.

After 25 more years all the meat eaters are grown and cloned and also released into certain places.

The people look down over the edge of their floating cities, happy the Earth is whole again.
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Jun 5, 2015