I've got tickets to Suicidal Tendencies and I walk up to the cute guy at work and ask him what he's doing that weekend and he says "why, what's up?" in which I say that I ended up with an extra ticket. he looks shocked that I like the band and is happy to go with me. We spend that weekend talking about music. Did I mention he plays the bass <3, getting to know each other and discovering more then just the surface stuff.
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Bass player? So much yes.

Yep and he doesn't know I exist
not that it matters with the whole being married and all but, that's why it's a day dream.
a good day dream

You're doing it right. :)

he's been with metallica for the last 12 years +/-. ..with Ozzy before that. check him out in infectious grooves.

I was listening to them just last night. I had to turn my friend on to "you cant bring me down."

Waking the Dead is also a good one
I'll hate you better is also up there for me

have you heard their (mike muir and robert Trujillo) funk band, infectious grooves? trujillo really shows his skills. they do versions of the immigrant song and fame that are off the hook.

Oh yeah, I dig it.

I like that they did Still Psycho. I would like to see metallica do kill em all again or kill the rest or something like that, like st did with still psycho/frontier. I lost track of st after art of rebellion. I really like that one too. I tuned back in with freedumb but didn't like it much so I tuned back out.

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