Indeed I Do

When I tell people I daydream a lot, they immediately assume I'm sitting around thinking about rainbows, a smiley sun and a pretty cute wonderland. WRONG!

I don't daydream about any of that. I daydream about dark gothic castles and girls locked up in the highest room of the castle and just looking out longingly at the red sky with all the bats flying around and the dark woods surrounding the castle grounds.

I daydream about living in a lighthouse and looking out the window at night and seeing the moonlight bathing the ocean.

I daydream about laying down to sleep on the shore as the waves roll over you from the beach and slowly, oh so gently, take you into the ocean.

I daydream about having pet bats and owning dragons and having dark angel wings that soar you up into the dark, blood-red sky whenever you wish.

I daydream about THAT kind of dark beauty. I could care less for the clear blue skies and the smiling sun and talking, cuddly animals dancing under the rainbow and drinking from the glittery pond of water and eating the fruits that sparkle in the fruit, no. I'm all about the beauty of all that is dark and haunting.
deadmoon deadmoon
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2 Responses May 21, 2011

Just a few thoughts? That was so accurate! O.O

Very vivid desc<x>riptions, I like your daydreams.