Is It Bad ?

is it bad that i day dream about killing some ppl or thinking how they will be when they are old and how easy i could just kill them nice and slow making them know how much they pissed me off and all the times they treated me like **** in the end i would get them back from stabing a boss in the changing rooms to waiting for some one i hate to get old and then see the fear in the eye as i come in knowing they can not stop me and hearing them begging for me to stop and how sorry they are for bullying me and making me feel weak or waiting til they go home making sure its just them in the house as i block the doors before setting there house on fire yes i do under stand i sound like iam alittle mad or a phyco but trust me iam not i would never do any of what i have said as much as i would love to i dont have it in me and so i guess i will keep getting treated like i do until i fix it or i snap i guess only time will tell * evil grin*
NiceGuy1990 NiceGuy1990
22-25, M
Jan 12, 2013