Daydreaming of An End.

   i daydream of things i could've done to change this life, i almost died 3 different times in my pre-teen years and those are what i tend to dwell on the most, wishing i could go back and change the outcome of them to end it before the bad $hit started. i've been messed up a long time and should have never brought my wife into it. i have sat and without realizing it i daydreamed 2 hours away, i just wish i had the strength to kill myself or get past this torture you would call a life.

wannadiesolonely wannadiesolonely
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Chin up.<br />
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It would be nice to have a do-over in life... then again anything bad that happens can be turned into a learning experience. I know a lot easier said than done. You are not alone though in personal struggles.<br />
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It's good you've come to this place to talk about. Everyone needs to vent.