Ahh Paradise


I do constantly sit around all day with my head in the clouds, and if I'm at a beautiful spot, forget about it I'm gone. In school I always got into trouble (esp maths!) Because I would just sit by the window and look out and daydream instead of doing horrible algebra!

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

lol makes sense. what i meant is-i like t fuse my fantasys with reality. so if im in class-i imagine what everyone would look like with angel wings sprouting out of thier backs-and what color they would be :]

hahaha i used to sit next to this window in my pre-algebra class that had a great view of the mountains and the neighborhood close by. it was two-stories high and some days i would just stare at the sky until the bell rang. :]<br />
do you ever imagine people becoming things or...even growing things...like wings?