All The Time

Going to and from work on the bus are my two most common times for daydreaming but I also do it if I'm home alone sometimes. I daydream both about things that will happen (like marrying my fiance) and things that won't happen

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1 Response Nov 14, 2009

hi<br />
i also love daydreaming in the underground/car/bus,or before sleeping,or at when i wake up in the morning<br />
is it normal?<br />
at first,i thought it was just a teen's habit,but it has followed me even in adulthood<br />
it does not seem to be a sign of psychological maturity, to me<br />
and the thing is,things are always perfect in these dreams<br />
this is why it is so tempting to indulge into them<br />
any advice,or idea of a solution?<br />
I don't want to dream my life,but to live it