Many Days in my Life are memorable. I would love to cherish my memory. Thinking of it make me Laugh, Joy, Peace. Today day I can't avoid the SCAR of a Day.. I wish I could erase it from my Memory.

2012 The Famine hit my home. We went to ask Zakat. Local Mosque made sure I was not spending that money alone. I wanted to pay rent. They gave and rent was paid. Then someone Gave "$40.00" He wanted to Buy Gas. I ran out of my Supplies, I need my Monthly Hygiene. I bought them with it. Why?

Prior that month I had none. And the pain began. I roll on the floor still there is a Hope Permanent Position at Night will help me cut it out. I needed a Tylenol and Personal Hygiene.
I need 68 Pk for a Month. None left. I asked him, then he ran off. I followed him on my bath rob down the stairs and holding my stomach with my hands. He drove Off. I stood there, Crying.

Good Looking Innocent Gal' 1973 and 1974 and 1979 and 1981 and so on.. always will come and go. There will always be missing my kinda gaal.
46-50, M
Sep 2, 2014