It's a funny thing huh? Growing up we were taught if you have sex, you'll get pregnant. Who would have thought it could actually be a struggle for some of us? It seems like the women that don't "plan" or have one night stands and don't know who the child's dad is are the ones that have kids. Then there's women who want more then anything in this world to be a mom, who have a stable job, a great relationship, and can actually afford to support a child and it doesn't seem to happen. Not easily anyway. People say " oh- it will happen when the time is right" or " God may have bigger plans for you" whatever that means. Life isn't fair sometimes. There are no words more devastating then " you can't get pregnant" to any women at least. I believe that every women deserves to experience motherhood if they want to. God just works in mysterious ways I suppose. If you haven't already guessed, I am one of the few that can't get pregnant. Or I should say I haven't gotten pregnant. No doctor has told me I can't. It just hasn't happened after over 2 years of trying. Yes, I get bitter at times. I try not to be because I know that's not the person I am or personality I have deep down. Its overwhelming sometimes though.I can't help but think the worst, on my bad days at least. I can remember growing up talking about being a mother one day lol ... I always told myself I wanted to be the mom I never had. I ask God every night to send me an angel and I will continue to do so until I feel like I'm to old haha I'm still young and I have hope.
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aw. thanks! I think so too, and yes, same guy. That's what I'm worried about. I would hate to find out that it is him :/ Its just an on going battle with me haha stresses me out!