Dd Spankings For Badly Behaved Wives

I'm a seventy year old male, not currently in a relationship. Up until the
eighties, I spanked every women I was in a relationship with. Like many males, I caved into political correctness at the time and had totally abandoned the practice by the nineties.

When I entered puberty in the fifties, it was quite common for husbands to spank their wives. I read many stories in men's magazines at the time with spankings in them and it occurred in movies and television shows and no
one except Dear Abby or her Sister Ann Landers, wrote any scathing editorials against it. I vaguely remember a story in Reader's Digest with a spanking in it.

A female teacher in an American literature class that I took in high school had the class spend a whole week reading a story in class about a Logger
in the Canadian Rockies who spanked a woman in his village as a prelude
to them becoming engaged. Then her sister told her about the spankings
she got from her husband so she wouldn't feel so alone. We had to write a book report a about it.

I read a lot of sci/fi in those days also. A lot of Robert Heinlein's stories and a some of Frederic Pohl's stories had spankings in them also. It happens in
many contemporary sci/fi stories these days, most of which are now
written by women. Political Correctness evidently doesn't apply to space colonies on other planets or Post Apocalyptic Earth a hundred years or
more in the future.

Any way I see that the wife spanking pendulum is swinging back toward a
greater acceptance of the practice again. I think that with all of the Mayan calendar Hoop-la and climate change and what's going in internationally in the world economy, woman are seeking out alpha males in increasing numbers. They now seem quite willing to put up with having to sit on a
sore bottom if it will increase their chances of being loved, cherished and protected, like woman of old were before women's lib came along.

I am an aspiring writer of stories in the Domestic Discipline genre. Most of the websites that have anything to do with the spanking of adult females
or publishing of that genre are owned by women who are spanked wives themselves.

Anyway if anyone has any thoughts regarding any of what I wrote
about here I'd like to hear from you.
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Even better when you both give and take

Is there anything on spanking men? I like to spank them when they act up and when they are back into the world they are in charge again.

I agree with you that women are looking for men who are real men. I've been married for over 30 years. My wife is from a small town. She relied on me to take care of her. And I did. I worked, pay the bills, made all the decisions. Then she wanted to get a job and things went down hill. We both were stressed out and arguing all the time. Then one night it finally came to head. Long story short she said she wanted things to be like when we first got married. She no longer works. She gets spanked twice a week. Sometimes more if she acts up. Her sole purpose is to please me. I basically do whatever I want as long as I'm open and honest with her. She does whatever I tell her to do. And she doesn't have a problem with our relationship.

I was unaware that any of the adult spanking sites even existed until around 2000 when I had a long term relationship fall apart. I had a lot of anger to process so I wrote a little story in the first person about the relationship just for myself to get the anger out. In the story I wrote, I was no longer Mr. nice guy. Instead I was a stern husband who'd had enough of her bad behavior and put her across his knee and spanked the daylights out of her like I used to do with girlfriends years earlier, and we lived happily ever after LOL. Anyway, I liked what I wrote so much that that I started to search for publishers of the genre and I was blown away with all the different flavors of "this thing we do" that existed.

I think, It's more than just erotic spanking for many women. It's not the men who are initiating DD relationships most of the time either. Most men in America at least, have had it drilled into them from childhood that you don't ever hit a woman anytime for any reason. A Woman who can't find the alpha male she wants will try to turn her vanilla boy friend or husband into the one she wants him to be. I learned almost everything I know about the subject from the women posting on these sites, not from men.

There is a woman writer who goes by the name of Vivian. She has a website called "the Disciplined Feminist." that I highly recommend. She has written Three great books on the subject. The 1st one is called, "How to get the spanking you want" The 2nd is "How To Give the Spanking She Wants" and the third one is called "What He Get's Out of IT." They are all available through "Variant Books."

I haven't seen any signs that the society is moving towards spanking wives as a disciplinary method. But I think many women (based on what I read so far) who do want to be spanked permits it because they derive pleasure from it, not because they were disciplined.