Guild Wars 2: A Solid Mmo In Search Of An End Game

It is hard to dislike Guild Wars 2. The game has incredible graphics, powerful characters, and most likely the smoothest and most enjoyable leveling experience ever seen in an MMO. The crafting is fun & beneficial, the economy is working as intended, and even the item retail business works well without unbalancing the game.

When I first began playing Guild Wars 2, after the upfront hiccups brought on by millions of impatient gamers all trying to log in at the same time, I was really stoked. Character creation was particularly well executed plus the distinct races were all meticulously developed. Each of the distinct classes had something distinctive to offer, and every race & class had a exceptionally original story driven quest. Only Star Wars: The Old Republic can hold a candle to Guild Wars 2 for excellent leveling, but it has been a important failure for BioWare in every other way.

From the moment I began to play Guild Wars two, I enjoyed every minute. I identified each zone I discovered on my leveling journey to be wonderfully developed with exotic landscapes & climate effects that added to the atmosphere of the game. The story for my character took me deep into the history & legend of my race and world.

Finest of all, leveling was never grindy or boring, & it was smooth sailing from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed the mad zerg that became accessible for the last couple of levels. I had so much fun running around like a lunatic with 100 or more other crazy gw2 gold players that I hardly even acknowledged when I hit the level cap. I even got a number of terrific loot & made serious bank while I was at it.

The I hit level 80 & everything transformed. Now it was time to raid, & I speedily discovered that raiding in Guild Wars 2 was an after thought. Do not get me wrong. If you get pleasure from PvP & that's all you need from a game, you'll completely love Guild Wars two.

However in case you delight in a mix of PvP and PvE or you just need to raid, you will find out rather quickly that the instances in Guild Wars 2 are rather limited plus a bit dull, &, as much as I hate to share it, I genuinely disliked the mechanics of a lot of the boss fights. Numerous bosses were subsequent to impossible since the game has no genuine healing class & you had to do repeated corpse runs to get back into the fight.

Guild Wars 2: A Solid MMO In Search Of An End Game
Personally, I am not fond of death runs, & I intensely dislike any boss fight that allows you to use low cost tricks to beat a boss even if they are legal. I have on the whole felt boss fights will need to depend on player skill & careful study of the fight's mechanics.

All in all, Guild Wars two has amazing potential. It would be a shame to see the game develop into a favorite for individuals that like PvP, while it is passed over by those of us who take pleasure in PvE & raiding. It's typically discouraging when 90% of my guild mates quit a game after telling me they are bored with the lack of challenging dungeons & raids.

I hope a person at ArenaNet is paying attention & we will see a genuine effort to bring PvE and raiding up to the quality of the PvP. If they do, Guild Wars two will be a substantial success on all levels. Players are tiring fast of mediocre games & MMOS that have actually been around forever. Guild Wars 2 is so close to being a good game and with a few serious effort, it can still be a world beater
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