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Bedwetting Adult Husband

My husband is a chronic enuretic or bed wetter and we deal with it by him being diapered with thick cloth diapers and add plastic baby style panties every night to protect the bed and me. He also has a plastic cover on his mattress and generaly wears a onesie to help keep his diapers and panties where they do the most good. Simple problem simple answer
diane43 diane43 26-30, F 10 Responses Oct 12, 2011

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My former girlfriend loved it when she found out that I still wet the bed and wore diapers. The day she found out I had slept in because I didn't have any classes and she had the day off for a doctor’s appointment. She had a key to my townhouse so she could take care of my cats when I was in the field. But we were just dating at the time and the relationship hadn't gotten intimate yet.

So she let herself in and I was dead to the world and didn't hear her feeding the cats or making coffee so the first thing I heard was her asking me if I wanted some breakfast along with the cup of coffee, she was holding, as she shook my shoulder to wake me up. I'm a morning person normally but if I roll back over and go back to sleep after my alarm goes off I wake up groggy as hell so it took me awhile to figure out what was going on. I said yes to the breakfast and took the coffee. It had cream and sugar just the way I liked it and I followed her back down to the kitchen trying not to spill the coffee on the carpeting. She kept smiling at me and making small talk as she heated a fry pan for bacon and eggs and put some waffles in the toaster. I got up to get some more coffee and she finally brook into a really big grin and asked me if I wanted to change before or after breakfast and she looked right at my diaper. I must have had the most horrified look on my face because she lost it completely and gave me a big hug (I think, mostly, so she could keep from falling over because she was laughing so hard).

I didn't say much for awhile but I did splutter on as my brain started to shift back into conscious thought. When she caught her breath she got very practical and told me to sit back down and that my diaper change could wait until after breakfast. So there I sat, wearing just my pajama top, cloth diaper, plastic pants, and my slippers while she made us breakfast and finished filling my coffee cup which I had left on the counter next to the stove. By then my brain was racing around trying to figure out how I could deal with the situation but she solved that problem by sitting down with me to eat and said that we could do the dishes later (she knew I was a stickler for cleaning up right after a meal) because she wanted to watch while I changed my diapers. I tried to wriggle out of that by saying there was no need because I had always changed my own diapers and I didn't really need them during the day but she wouldn't have any of it. She just said that at the bare minimum she had to at least know how to take them off so I might as well show her how to put them on.

That was also the morning that our relationship went up to the next level.

thats a great story i would love to hear how things are going now hope all is still going good for you

We went our separate ways about 6 years ago. Still friends but we don't stay in touch except for the occasional birthday or christmas card.

What is a "onesie"? it might solve my night time leaking out of the side of the pads/pull-ups that I wear. It is only a small amount but I have to wash the bed pad when this happens.

I hope you not to hard on him

I am not and it has been good for him

Diane,<br />
As a lifelong bedwetter who didn't get married until I was in my late 30s, I want to tell you how fortunate your husband has been to have found you when he was still very young. I was so afraid to tell any woman I was a bedwetter, so for many years I didn't allow any relationship to get serious. Thank you for being so wonderfully supportive of your husband. I, too, have a loving, supportive wife, and I wish I had met her long before I did.<br />
J. D.

It's great that the two of you have worked together to help him cope/deal with his bed wetting. Having a loving spouse that is supportive is so important. It was hard at first for my wife dealing with my incontinence but now she is more supportive and even ask me if I need to change before we head out somewhere. If we have been out for a long time, she will even check with me to see if I need to change before we go to the next store. This support has really helped me a lot.

thats the way it works my wife would say if i leaked she add more diapers as i am a very heavy wetter . its not what i wanted , but had no choice . she ender up using 15 thick cloth diapers on me and plastic pants. which i have to tell you ,she never had a rule , that i could not get out of bed, but i tryed one night and waddle a few steps and fell. in that many diapers i could only crawl,i never felt more like un infant, and by morning , diapers were soaked. and crawling was much harder becuse diaper were draging on floor.

Your right thick cloth diapers and plastic pants are the best way to deal with bed wetting , you also say "He also has a plastic cover on his mattress" so does he have his own bed and if so is it in his own room , or is it one of those bed with 2 mattress ? <br />
<br />
Thanks XXXX

Thanks. I wear cloth sometime but my wife perfers me to wear the desp. sine it is easier . What I do is have a flannel rubber sheet on the top of the regular bed sheet and I wear plastic pants that are good ones to prevent leaking as much as possible. I also have to dear diapers 24/7

I have been a bedwetter too and have ways of keeping the bed dry. What type diapers do you use?

I have him in cloth diapers and like them as I can make them as thick an adsorbent as i think he needs to both make it through the night and to really feel that he is diapered.

Feeling diapered is important! :-)

your so understanding wish my ex was like you she went mad when i wet the bed

All the women I have know could never cope with my bedwetting either. I have aways hoped I would meet a woman that liked wettig as I do.