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My husband is a chronic enuretic or bed wetter and we deal with it by him being diapered with thick cloth diapers and add plastic baby style panties every night to protect the bed and me. He also has a plastic cover on his mattress and generaly wears a onesie to help keep his diapers and panties where they do the most good. Simple problem simple answer
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What is a "onesie"? it might solve my night time leaking out of the side of the pads/pull-ups that I wear. It is only a small amount but I have to wash the bed pad when this happens.

I hope you not to hard on him

I am not and it has been good for him

thats the way it works my wife would say if i leaked she add more diapers as i am a very heavy wetter . its not what i wanted , but had no choice . she ender up using 15 thick cloth diapers on me and plastic pants. which i have to tell you ,she never had a rule , that i could not get out of bed, but i tryed one night and waddle a few steps and fell. in that many diapers i could only crawl,i never felt more like un infant, and by morning , diapers were soaked. and crawling was much harder becuse diaper were draging on floor.

Your right thick cloth diapers and plastic pants are the best way to deal with bed wetting , you also say "He also has a plastic cover on his mattress" so does he have his own bed and if so is it in his own room , or is it one of those bed with 2 mattress ? <br />
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Thanks XXXX

Thanks. I wear cloth sometime but my wife perfers me to wear the desp. sine it is easier . What I do is have a flannel rubber sheet on the top of the regular bed sheet and I wear plastic pants that are good ones to prevent leaking as much as possible. I also have to dear diapers 24/7

I have been a bedwetter too and have ways of keeping the bed dry. What type diapers do you use?

I have him in cloth diapers and like them as I can make them as thick an adsorbent as i think he needs to both make it through the night and to really feel that he is diapered.

Feeling diapered is important! :-)

your so understanding wish my ex was like you she went mad when i wet the bed

All the women I have know could never cope with my bedwetting either. I have aways hoped I would meet a woman that liked wettig as I do.