My Family

I I have been loved my two woman in my life both have been taken away from me by cancer.
My first wife Maureen  died after many years of  love and health problems.
Two years later I met Mary. I took her to a family union and since this family is dysfunctional a argument broke out. This upset my sister thinking that Mary would think bad about our family.
When we got back to Connecticut Mary noting how upset my sister was because of the argument she sent a poem to my sister.
After reading the poem my sister sent it to me and said that this poem was so powerful. It could change an attitude when in a family argument just by reading this poem. Now that is a powerful poem. Now here is the poem.
                                      My Family
                  Sometimes they are the enemy,
                  Sometimes they are my love.
                  Most times, at the same time,
                  They are both of the above.
Now do you think this can change a attitude?
ruthbob42 ruthbob42
Aug 8, 2010