The Change Of A Life Time

so my husband had just recently graduated. i am so proud of him but his next sstep is moving out of my parents house and into his own place. he is of course asking me to followe but i am afraid of that change. not only will money become and issue but i will have to loose alot that i have. i am only 19 and merried (very happily married) but the change of moving out is so big. i have told him if he can show me that with the job he has he can support us both then i will move in with him. but recently i have started having trouble with home life again i now want to move not carring if i wont be able to eat every day or have what i have now. i am not thinking rational and i knw that but i cant stay in a home that i dont feel safe if yu will. does anyone have advise on how to go about this? has anyone else had this issue? if so how did you reasolve it?
lacyP lacyP
18-21, F
May 8, 2012