Having A Hard Time Getting Older And Being Highly Sensitive

hi everybody; i just joined this site; i am a 58 yr old woman; have done a lot of work on myself, and was dealing with life pretty good until recently. sober from drugs and bulimia; involved in 12 step programs, have done a lot of therapy;
i am going thru 'SAD' these past 2 months; i'm aware it's just the straw that broke the camel's back; i was already depressed, have been on medication for 10 years; but was dealing with life ok; the lack of sunshine, and beginning to have some pain due to the aging process, threw me in deep depression, a lot of anxiety; had to increase my meds; taking meds during tthe day, for the first time in my life, to deal with anxiety;
i'm going back on my life, feeling i have''nt built anything; i didn't have children; today, i can see that this decision was part of my HSP fear of suffering, physically as well as emotionnally;
i live in france, it's hard to get support here; i just found a good therapist, who's aware of HSP;
i'd love to share with people going thru this phase of life; hearing how they deal wih changes in their bodies, loneliness, etc...
also, i'm wondering if you know of a specific 12 step program for HSP;
thanx for your input, catrina
catrinaph catrinaph
Dec 6, 2012