Wow, Now Have To Deal With This.

Well, words can not express the way I'll felt when back then my son's father got lock up in 2004. For doing something dame studded for drinking on the job and serve twos year in the half. Our son's was four at the time, then when he's got out clean and sourer. He's wanted to be a family again so I'll gave him another chance. That's last two in half years, we got engage and plain a wedding in 2008. We been on and off for eighteen years meet in spring 1994, so I'll start it's was time too have the family the Lord's can blessed. We all were going too church, then things begin too change two years in the married when he's working for this security site. He's met this women and I'll just found they had a two years relationship, on top of that's start drinking, smoking, etc. But things always seems better/worse when you try too keep it's together. Fast forward to last two years 2011/2012 lost the job, the women was no more . Now at home start to be friends with this man on my block, then the drinking,drugs, and lose women start up again . I'll didn't want too see the signs written on the wall, started a new job another security officer .And in the beginning of this year 2013'' HAPPY NEW YEAR'' found out about another women or two still doing his things.'' more drugs, drinks''. I'll feel like a fool, but the Lord's let's me know he's better plains for me. Now he's lock up again for some serious drugs charges, and with my kind hear ted self still being there for him.'' LOVE'' can be a serious thing. Have to be a strong women all the time, my family and closed friends as been there for me. I'll hope these words can help someone deal with this matter, my fourteen years son now have too deal with NO FATHER in his life. But we have a strong support system!!!! in place.
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Jan 18, 2013