I Have Lost My Sister and My Father.

I lost my sister almost a year and a half ago,  she died of an accidental overdose/ mixed medication interaction.  She was 27 years old.  I have a hard time dealing with this,  She has always been part of my life since she is/was my older sister.  I'm learning how to live life with out her.  


My father died in 2002,   I had just started being 'ok' with his death and handling that well ( i thought) at the time my sister died,  I feel even more lost than ever before.


My brother and mother are not on speaking terms at all.  My brother has actually disowned our mother.

I have lost my entire family life that I grew up with.  It is devastating.


I still talk to both my mother and brother and am very close with them, (more close with my mother,  who is raising my sister's son)  though I can't bring up the other person to them so its very hard to cope with all of this.  


I feel like my life took a wrong turn on a ****** one way street,  how do I come back from all this trauma.

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I'm sorry for your lost. I can literally say I know how u feel & what your going thru, the pain is unbearable feels like your heart is being squeezed. I lost my sister 7 years ago & it still hurts though we adapted to it. Then I lost my brother its been 5 years, year after that lost my father and most recently lost my husband. I'm still dealing all this pain & emotions even go to grief counseling. All I can say is one day @ a time, let the beautiful memories u have of your sister & father be the reason to keep u going. Focus on u do things u like, u already took first step talking about it. Talk to your mom & brother let them know how u feel its all u can do. God bless u. If u need to talk I'm here.

hi this story is so hard to read im 18 and just lost my grandma i feel sorry 4 u

Hi Roskangel<br />
you have taken the first step to deal with this. You need to focus on yourself for a while, find something that makes you happy. Might also be a good idea to let your mum and brother know how much it is hurting you to be caught in the middle of them.