Hell - Day One

Hell – Day one.
To most people, it may look like I have a normal life. But not since this morning. My parents had gone ballistic over finding out my boyfriend, of two years I might add, had sex. Now I know what you’re thinking.. who cares, right? We were dating, and in love, but it doesn’t matter. We broke up in January, because we were both travelling down different paths of life. Him wanting to pursue  a career in anything that makes money, and me following my dream to be an ECE. Things were rough between us before, but when I got to college it seemed to be fine, until we argued, because we couldn’t talk all the time, so it was hard. It was our two year anniversary on December 3rd. I was still away at school, and I wasn’t going without seeing him. I played the whole we’ll skype thing to my parents, all depressed because I couldn’t see him, meanwhile we were planning for him to come down to Sarnia, and spend the weekend. It was the most amazing weekend, and we were sure it was under wraps the entire time. That is until my crazy landlords, decided to accuse him of stealing a blackberry phone from them. It blew my mind, how they just accused him of it. So they threatened to call the police after he had gone, saying they traced it, blah blah blah. Me being 18, thinking he would just buy them a new one, even though I knew he didn’t steal it. Why would he mess up the most amazing weekend of our lives? He wouldn’t. They called my parents, and informed them of what happened, which was wrong because I’m 18, and an adult. So they called them, and told them everything. I got a call not long after, from my parents. Asking me what I’d been up to that weekend, and I could tell they knew everything. I explained myself, and they flipped. They didn’t know what to do. Point being, all this happened over a weekend where two young teenagers were in love and wanted to spend their anniversary together. But it didn’t exactly go as planned, as you know. Long story short, they just dropped it. They thought he was guilty, didn’t phone the police or anything, just let it go. A few weeks after, I hear they have gotten new iphones. Coincidence? Not likely. So let me get back to the story of how I ended up in Hell. I wanted to be friends with Chris, but it was extremely hard. I knew I could manage, being that I love him more than anything in the entire world. So we went for coffee.  I saw him for the first time since Christmas, at Wal Mart where he works, when I returned from school for two weeks for my placement at the day care. I was stunned. He looked as gorgeous as ever, and I missed the hell out of him. So I texted him, saying I saw him, and he replied he had seen me too. I was so happy about seeing him, I hadn’t gotten over our break up, so this was perfect. So I told him I’d see him sometime to give his sweaters back, because I didn’t want the reminder of him any longer. Meanwhile, I loved them. I slept in them, cuddled with them, and wanted to keep them forever.  So we met for coffee, and things were great. We were being friends, and all was grand. Until the next time we hung out, where we went to the beach to talk, and I ended up kissing him. We made out, and just enjoyed being with eachother like we used to. A bit more than just kissing happened, but it was amazing. We had made a pact that every once in a while, we’d go back to the old days, and do what we used to do. Be a couple, use pet names, etc. It was so amazing, and didn’t feel wrong. We were still in love, so how could it be wrong. The next time we hung out, we went to his grandma’s house, where I had not set foot since Christmas where his family showered me with gifts. I went over, and went downstairs. He looked so perfect asleep, I had always loved waking him up with kisses, and feeling his love. It obviously turned into more than just hanging out, where we regained our feelings for eachother, strong, strong feelings.. and engaged in sex. This wasn’t the first time we’d done it, don’t worry. But even though we weren’t dating, it felt good. I loved being in his presence, and feeling his hands on me, and making love to him. We ended that day with a movie, and a goodbye kiss. I forgot to mention the part where I only went to hang out with him and see him because my parents were out of town picking up my sister from Orillia, where she goes to University. So it was the perfect time to go see him. Mom had known about me going to see him, but she thought we would fail as friends. That day I was also supposed to keep on unpacking my stuff into my room, from Sarnia. I went home, and tried to get the image of him and I together out of my head, and start unpacking, for when my parents got home.
Which brings me to Day One, of Hell. It was Saturday. I had planned on sleeping in just a little, then waking up and getting resumes out to stores, because I needed a second job to save for school. I heard dad scream for me to come downstairs, and I knew something was up. I had no idea what could be going on. They sat me down, and asked what I did last Saturday.  I knew I was done. They told me to make the decision if it was them, or him. If I chose him, I’d move out and go live with him, and there would be an open door for me to always visit. Or pick them, and drop him for good. My life was officially over.
daaani daaani
May 6, 2012