My Bug Lovin' Grandson

I am a very lucky grandma of a very active,smart , and a stinker of a 5 year old boy. My favorite experience with him is watching what lengths he will go to to catch a bug (except spiders, of course "sheesh grandma!")! Last summer we re did our entire front yard-eliminated a fair size garden, installed pavers around the pond, planted numerous perrenials and redid a rockery (whew!). Within the space of less than an hour he had upturned most of the pavers, dug out freshly growing new grass and pulled moss I had BOUGHT in the rockery in his quest for bugs. Oh, ya and thought there were snails under my annuals so he pulled out around a dozen. Backyard only from now on. Did I also mention he caught a snake, brought it in the house to proudly show it off when it escaped and got in the intake duct for the heating system. All calls to pest control to duct cleaning businesses told me the same thing. It's too heavy to vacuum out (plus who knows where it went) and the only thing I could do was wait for it to die and dry out. Then the professional duct cleaning company could get it out because it would be light enough. YUK!!! It's still there. So we bought him this nifty little bug vacuum that sucks up bugs and puts them in a little built in chamber where it has a magnifying lid. Backyard only! Did I say backyard only from now on?! LOL SSure do love that kid!!

wanderingvine wanderingvine
51-55, T
Mar 3, 2010