For As Long As I Can Remember

I have wanted to get off this rock. I dont like Earth...and I dont like what goes on here.

I believe that mankind is the worst of all the animals reated, we dont just kill to feed, we harm, maim and debase for pleasure.


Death, I state for the record, has a nice set of buns!! (Must be all the running around!!)


I have been imaginitive in my manner of exit....careful and consice. Yet, to no avail. Death takes those I love, and denies me its release. Miraculously sometimes. For instance, I mainline several grams of Thai white...and wake up and go to work. After carefully calculating the lethal dose, I take the capsules. 6 hours later they come out, with writing intat, insides melted. 10 missing. I hang myself...c'mon, that got to work! It almost does... and then the lights came back on again. Im still hanging, but I dont need oxygen. stayed like that for a while.....that was freaking spooky!

I an make lists of the ways Ive tried, and yet Im back for another round trip around the sun, one I do not care for.


Why does Hope cry?? Why didnt Pandora let her out too?? Its cruel to belive that things will 'someday' work out...while all logic and reason clearly states otherwise. Cant


get off, and cant get on with it....****

Yoona Yoona
31-35, T
Mar 1, 2010