Death 2

Maybe you might think I'm out of my mind but death is part of my life. Yep thought about it my own and some of those around me. Find that just maybe those who "croak" are better off. Why? No worries, no bill collectors harrassing the hell out of you for not paying on time. No more family grumbling or taking sides with those they like better. Oh and maybe if you work no more bossesyelling at you because you goofed up ormade a mistake. No more paying taxes to the government.

Think that I can go on. Death might seem easy and who knows. Everything is born and we all strggtle in order to go on with life. It comes and goes. I used to think it was funny hearing that some poor sob went out and was stiffer than a 2x4 but hey this was my make up. Never cried when a family one exited out and felt no compassion what so ever. I remember some guy where I worked bit the bullet. He was a drunk periodand had a mean disposition as well. He decided to walk home one night after drinking his mind out. Ok so hewas not behind the wheel and might cause an accident. He became one and died by a driver who was also drunkerthan a skunk. yep he finally went out and felt nothing.  My co workers were sad but not me. I did not even take the time to go to his funeral. Why should I? He was just another punch clock worker striving to exist like many of us. I did not even send flowers let alone a card. TRhought well he was gtone.

When married my ex 's grandmom took tre exit.  Saw her a few timswhile she was ly6ing flat on her back in a nursing home waiting like the others. Thought wow what a waste of time. Ten when she did leave this universe had no feelings. Just another poor person making the exit and going somewhere but just felt notrhing. Am I  cold or what? Hard to say. When my ex dad went it was another thing. We never got along. So just did not fully give a crap and had no feelings. No tears. Nothing.

Thus to me if those whom I know go well sorry but more people will follow.


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hello honey, fro what I read, it seems so synical to think that there is nothing after death, what about those who leaves us with either fonde memories or memories that was riddled with hurt? You did mention somthing about your dad, so obviousley it had some affect on you. The reason that I am responding to this honey is because I lost a very beautiful and loving friend and I like to think that she is in a betetr place for all the hard work and dues she paid in her short life. people do leave a profound inpression on you in ways you may not realize. It deosn't make you any lesser of a person to feel what you hjave felt, I was a little perplexed. I will say this though, talks like this ushually is accompanied by the thoughts of suicide and the only one thing is sure about that is, its a long term fix to a short term problem