Death 3

Death as we know comes in many ways and we never know when. As a kid asked about it but was brushed off. Knew it could come to anyone at anytime to anyone with no strings attached. One can be young to old and in between. I often questioned why do young people go and the real sick or those who are suffering have to remain. My class mate in grade 7 went and really never got to know him. He had a blood disease and went. Felt bad but hey life is life so we should go on. Did not really phrase me a few days later and let it go at that. My neighbor went and was tickled pink. Hmm yeah happy to see that old geyser head to the cementry and put in the ground. hey old man this is life and you do take care was my thinking.

Animals go as well. They get killed and devoured just because they are weak. Learned this and know hey life for them go on. They might be missed but we do not really know. Think it is good we can understand this and we then go on. Insects get their wish as well and die enmass it might seem. For them death is just a matter of survival and we have to understand this.  I am not in favor of protecting insects but find them really interesting in that they are trying to survive as best as possible. We hae had animals die and we as kids understand this i spart of life so we must accept it and then go on.

At one time i wanted to die. Take what you can use and then study my remains. be happy that I am helping you learn more. Then burn my remains and dump the ashes in the sea. Thus no big funeral and no one crying over my remains in a box to rot in the ground. Saves a ton of money. Think this is really the best way. Death will be welcomed and thus No more suffering for me.
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as for me i would not like the way .for sure