He croaked and this was it. His life came to an abrupt end thus he has finally gone on to another nrw dimension in what we never will know until we getthere. We will never come back totell those what itwas like or just how we actually felt let alone who we saw andhow we felt when we did see them. For that old codger it was time. he was cranky while not being friendly to anyone. Kind of distrusted him while his voice remains in the back of my  mind. His family has persihed over the years making him the last of his clan. I wonder how things work out atthat time. I was young, full of iss and vinegar yet had no idea of what life was really like. My caregiver did not help much in givingus some info on this life of ours but hey in some ways it wa sjust the way it was. He lived to his late 90's knowing that he had seen so much.

Like a frog he croaked. he kicked the bucket, met his maker, decided well time to walk in the clouds and see who there is to see. For many in my life who didthis felt no remorse or had any type of feelings really. Just felt thisis the way it will be. Laughed when it was revealed to me he went. Went where was my thought then realized atthat time and even today we do not like to discuss this really. Time to get out the weenies and grill them have a party and think well better you than me and thus maybe one more poor sob whom we might know decides to croak.

I was just gettingmy divorce when my ex old man decided to croak. For me no big deal. He was meaner than a dog and hated me. Hit me a few times, pointed a gun at me and yet did nothing since well in a small closed hick town I would be laughed at. It did not affect me, laughed a little thinking well this old goon ate himself to the grave while not heeding what the docs told him. Had no feeling at al yet did tell my ex hey sorry but we all must croak at times and this is bad.

At times just wonder about all cratures and how they preceive death. Do not know if they understand what took place or if they care. Maybe some humanoids do the same but at least for today I have not croaked.

honey624 honey624
56-60, M
Jul 24, 2010