As me and my brother got older we started to spend more time away then spending time with our dad because that ment spending time with my nana and we didnt want to do that. It took my brother alot longer to not spend time with dad and nana then i, I took the first chance i had to get away. My brother has a disability that he doesnt understand social situations. He is just like dad 24/7 on the computer and that is it he didnt try to get away from any situation even if it was a bad one.

When my nana started to get really sick my dad struggled to look after my nana and work at the same time. He had a bad scheduler that revolved around on his luch brake, rushing home and getting nana some luch and getting to work not on time and then coming home from work finding she had not touched her food. so he asked me for help and i unfortunately said i would help. I started to spend time with the one person i didnt want to spend time with but for my dad i beared though it.

One day i took her to the hospital (taxi i could not drive) and had to wait, i was not allwed to know what was going on so all i did was sit wait, and watch a blank wall for hours. We finnally finnished and she asked for a private time on the phone, i just let her go started doing some home work then went to go check on her, she was on the ground..... she swollowed all her pills at once and collapsed, her sister was on the phone and i could hear the ambulance at the front so i rushed to let them in, they got there in time to save her life and her sister told me she called the ambulance because she was saying her goodbye and telling me about what she wants for her furnaral, she knew what she was going to do. I had to explain what happened to her when my dad got home. Instead of taking me to he hospital with him, he left without saying a word to me. till this day he has never said thank you or sorry for looking after her.

Years later

My nanna passed away in hospital with alot of canser that spread around her hole body she got really sick and died, i wish i could say i miss her, i wish i could say i want her back and i wish i could say i wanted her to meet my kids but sadly i am relieved, she died when i was in high school in year 10. Im relieved because of her suffering and ours had ended. My dad suffered losing his mum. he was not copping with his life and this event. Me and my brother were relived our abuse was now behind us.
sharrazz sharrazz
22-25, F
Jun 29, 2013