My Uncle

In 2010 I was visiting my uncle and grandmother right after my wedding and he was ill and couldnt make it. It was July 4th weekend and we were sitting at the table talking and he gave me something special to keep and asked me to take care of it I said i would and when i got up to hug him I literally heard loud as day from his head to mine this would be the last time i hugged him or seen him alive he was dieing but no one else knew. I kept it to myself for a little bit and then told my husband what happened he said no way! Sure enough on august 4th at 230 am I got a call from my mother telling me he passed away and we had to get up there to help clean the mess it was a horrible death he suffered threw! Why did i have to feel this doom coming his way? And its not the first time I have had to feel this with loved ones I feel like a freak and nobody understands me.. why me is all I ask!
weezy09 weezy09
31-35, F
Sep 18, 2012