Debby Ryan's Wedgie

Debby ryan wanted a wedgie so she asked Selena Gomez to give her one she said okay turn around. Debby did Selena grabed her undis and yanked hard She screamed Selena yanked hard put it on her head and she said I'm not going to stop Debby. Debby said okay I never had a wedgie before so do whatever you want Selena said good now let me tie you up and start tures Debby to a chair and grabs her undis and yanked hard and taped it to the chair Debby said un tie me now Selena said no not until I'm done u will be like this a long time meet Hannah I love giving wedgies so u guys will be getting hanging wedgies bra wedgie shoulder wedgie and more yanks hannahs undis did a bra wedgie took her clothes not her bra and undis said cute boops babe and starts making out with her Debby said do me babe Selena said okay and did the same thing but yanking her undis and starts humping Debby and then Hannah Hannah said oh baby **** me girl. Selena did and raped her butt with the wedgie touch Hannah and Debby at the same time Debby said can Hannah wedgie me too and Selena said okay but I give Hannah one too Hannah yanked Debby's undis and Selena does a dirty dance then calls miley and demi to come and have fun with Debby and Hannah like wedgie them and hump them. And truth or dare with them. Selena said truth or dare Demi said dare selena said I dare u to wedgie Hannah and kiss her. Demi yanked Hannahs undis and make out with her Demi said truth or dare selena said dare Demi said wedgie Hannah and **** her Selena did and push her and she said Miley truth or dare moly said dare sel says ok I dare you to wedgie Me Miley yanked sel undis and ****** her and makes out with her and they all get in bed and wedgie each other see part2 See part2
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I will can u make a wedgie story about me and Selena Gomez please

me you want me to well i could try message me the details

good but make it longer