It Is a Hard Thing to Do

Every program is like a person to me. Each with their flaws and faults. I, as their Creator try to give them the best gadgets to battle their way up to their heaven! Where ever program heaven is!

But as I am not free of flaws myself, I create bugs, sometimes unforgivable big ones that shortens the program life cycle.

Then it's time to DEBUG!

I wander if God debugs us.

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12 Responses Feb 9, 2009

@ Geetar: Love your reasoning<br />
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@ Randy: Good way of helping and debigging the world

Nice Analogy. I often tell kids we are like computers. Get the wrong virus, and we may get it out, but your system may never, quite be the same.<br />
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It is my effort on drug and alcohol abuse among those who I meet. Among other things of course. I figure with my age, I can at least share what I have learned along the way.

Good idea, read the books, highly recommended.

No because your avatar has such an honest face.<br />
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I looked up your name sake. . . . I don't think I will be sleeping in the dark tonight O_O<br />
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I really need to see those movies or better, read the books - speaking of being in the dark ^^

How can you be sure of that? because I am lord voldemort?

I'm Sure you wouldn't Lie ^__^

I am programmer and a darn good one

First time I knew you were a programer ^^

Programmers are not artists though they want to think they are. We can't afford bugs!<br />
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Thanks Randy

Some artist incorporate flaws into their works for the simple fact to allow them to be lesser than god, and to show humility. Personally I respect that Idea.<br />
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Honestly I think we get into the most trouble when we think too much of ourselves.

Good point, but don't let that discourage you, you learn a lot by that, and you can't make much harm, just don't forget to make backups from data.<br />
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If God does anything about our faults I am not aware of it, but I would really want to know.

One time I thought I was going to be "smart" and debug my computer. After my computer teck brother-in-law came over to "FIX" my debugs activity, he told don't go where you don't know anything about. <br />
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Soooo....I don't debug! I let my fix-it programs or computer specialists debug for me!!<br />
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Does God "debug" us? I think he does!