I Decided to Feel Emotion Today...

lately i have been having jealous feelings towards the baby in my womb(see my confession) but i could not admit to myself that i was feeling it. today, my hubby reminded me that feelings other than happiness are still valid and that I shouldnt be ashamed to have them, that acting on them improperly was wrong but feelings are not. His loving reminder freed me to feel jealousy, and therefore feel happiness as well. I never realized how stuffing one negative emotion can stuff the good ones at the same time. So in deciding to feel something, i also chose happiness.

Ashahmal Ashahmal
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

As we all are human beings so we have same natural feelings , <br />
as others human being have its the control over the negative feelings which creat a differece between good and bad human beings .