I Dont See The Point

and I think its stupid to have to need someone.
luvdrunk luvdrunk
26-30, F
6 Responses Nov 3, 2010

is that a bad thing?????i,m just here to make friends....shore sometimes the world is cold but it does warm up......one day you will see the whole world and not just the bad side...it just take time .... who is perfect???? no one ....

here where? i dont get it...<br />
and mr david, you sound just like someone i know ;)

really, why are you here?

want are you looking for in life?????you got to grow up and face the world of life.....theworld of life is a wonderful ....if you get on the right you see it ,s not bad.....but you would have to pick the right road....stop feel sorry for your self.....change the road your going down.....pick a new one.....

i dont see the point in loving someone either , it's an even bigger disappointment

Needing someone just sets you up for disappointment. You can love someone without needing them. We are responsible for our on lives, and the roads we take should be our own decisions.<br />
To need someone is a weakness that will lead to something less than true happiness.<br />
My humble opinion.