It's a Feeling

Is it nice to have comments on my stories ... yes.

Even if I don't agree with them ... yes. It shows someone read my story, really read it hopefully.

I do read all the comments on my stories ... even though I may not respond to them.

It is nice to see my comments 'thumbed up' as well as my stories' recommended'.

I will not delete the comments I disagree with on my stories. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I am unhappy when someone takes my comments (or stories) the wrong way or out of context.

I really dislike rude and crude comments, even if you think my story or opinion is rude or crude.

I especially dislike pointless comments, it's like you didn't read what I said.

I say (or write) my thoughts as I feel them be they in my stories or in my comments.

So it's just me and my feelings.

I decided I don't care if I get comments but when I do it is usually refreshing and wonderful to read.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
7 Responses Aug 24, 2009

Well said good story. I agree fully/

When I first came on here and had just a few friends I asked one why she always had lots of comments and I was lucky to get any ..she said it was all due to timing. Wait untill at least a few of your friends are on line as they will comment and then others will follow

Although I'm slackin on commenting, I for one enjoy your stories, Josie! Many are flat out informative and well researched! And many are just "fun" to read! Keep on writing, Dear! We hear,,, err see, Ya!!! :D

haha get it?! *points up at blank comment* XD

Type your comment here...

I too have a couple of dozen stories on here, and receive few comments after the 1st flurry upon post. Oh well. Bill

But your stories are so good and I think they should have great comments-Do you agree??