So I'm Reading This Book...

by Kimora Lee Simmons... "Fabulosity."  If you are a woman, get a copy of it. I'm serious. It will change your life.  I was soooooo depressed until I picked up this book and life was unbearable.  This book made me realize, y'know what? I'm a goddess no matter what. I'm going to take care of myself the best I can, look the best I can every single day, demand the best for myself, and expect to be treated that way.  I'm going to hold my head up high and carry myself with pride and grace because I am ME and there is no one else that has the same combination of exotic, fierce, persistent, ambitious, and determination that I have.

I want to represent to my daughters what being a hardworking, fun-loving, woman is. I want them to grow up and LOVE life and be the divas that they are!  So c'mon ladies.  Let's stop caring so much what other people think of us and start worrying how we feel about OURSELVES!

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2007

hey hey now. ya just gotta be man enough to handle one. lol

Lol, good for you. I hope you don't teach them to be divas, divas are so hard to handle, lol.