No Rhinoplasty For Me

 Ever since I was 13 I hated my nose.   I decided to have rhinoplasty after I got diagnosed with meniere's disease about two years. This is an inner ear disorder that cannot be cured.  I could go deaf someday.  My surgery was scheduled for July 18th.  I figured that the doctor's cannot fix my ears but, they can fix my nose.    I spent a zillion hours online reading about rhinoplasty and learned that people were thrilled with the results of the surgery. Well, yesterday I was in the Home Depot and I saw a man with one leg and thought to myself that he would probably do anything to get his leg back and can't.   I decided than that I was not going to have the surgery.  There are too many people in this world that need plastic surgery that can't afford it or don't have the resources.  I thought of the poor children too.

I still cannot believe that I have made this decision. My poor husband probably thinks that I am crazy.  However, he is very supportative of what ever I decided to do.   Does anyone think I am crazy? Should I just go ahead and have the surgery?    I have not told anyone in my  family that I was having the surgery so I cannot take about the decision with anyone else.

Thanks for your help!!


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2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

Hi! I found your story when I did a search on Meniere's Disease. I was just diagnosed on Friday, and I think I'm going to make a group for people like us.<br />
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Also, I think it's important to do whatever feeds you the most, so if keeping your nose the way it is more emotionally beneficial, then congrats!

bravo!!! obviously the man in your life loves you with the nose God gave you, it's a decission you will have to make but feeling good with how you are inside definately is more important that the outside package, by what you have written I see the compashion and beauty, again Bravo....