All Are Sad

why can't we just be content and happy in life.
Well, I think it's normal to be sad at times,
but being happy is such a wonderful gift to ourselves.
Since happiness is everyones goal.
Admit it. You really want to be happy.
That's the greatest goal of every mankind.
As a person, I learned to laugh at  some sad moments of life.
Today is the best day to be happy than yesterday.
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow is another day to laugh and sigh.
Your future depends on what you choose for today.
Since the present is the beginning of tomorrows life
your future is best when you choose to start your life today

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2 Responses Apr 30, 2011

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be optimistic..hehe

live in the moment. stay positive. yes, we all have problems but we shouldn't let them rule our life.