A Deeper Way Of Attracting Abundance

I have been working a new principle in my life.  Aligning with abundance.  This means, through meditation and keeping my attention on what is wanted and noticing all the abundance around me, I began thinking about the experiences I would like to have.  Like going into a store and buying whatever I wanted without any regard for the price.  Also, I have spent time thinking about having a full bank account and the feeling of freedom, and joy this has, actually it feels like an electric turn on.  I have spent time thinking about all the things that I would enjoy doing; like designing my palatial home and having gardens, and orchards and nurseries to grow organic food.  I also think about how wonderful it would be to enjoy my creations and share them with my family and friends.  I also think about creating other opportunities for other people by having a plus size clothing line and recording company, and construction company that would build some of the most eco-friendly homes.  I am also enjoying investing in technology like nano- tech or any kind of clean tech and then encouraging the use of these technologies in other parts of the world.  I enjoy the feeling of thinking about the things that interest me and traveling and seeing t he world.  I would love to start across Canada and work my way into Europe, staying alittle longer in England, France, Spain, Italy, Venice and Germany. 
The reason I am describing all the ways I dream of spending my time is because this is the deeper way of attracting abundance, by relishing in it. Abundance is attracted to abundance.  Like energies attract each other on a metaphysical level. Thinking about the problems and misery doesn't do anything except attract more problems and more misery.  I feel that living is more than just physical action and there is more at work in the world than simply, "do this and you will be wealthy", I think that being a millionaire is a frame of mind, a perspective in living your life and feeling like a millionaire or multi millionaire.  I believe there is a deeper way of attracting wealth abundance, by the way I feel. 

jpwin jpwin
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2011