Seriously Folks....

She drives ALL THE MEN crazy!  Bra shots, garter belt shots, pics of her gorgeous rear... pics of HER! 

And believe me, if you think she drives the men nuts, you wouldn't believe what she does for us lady-living-ladies!!!!

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
26-30, F
15 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Pix is beautiful....and sexy!!

Hah! As has been previously established, ptman... never underestimate the power of a horny woman.... ME!

no way this tiger is getting out of the way Sara. :)

Yeah, well.... I think the men should get out of the way and let us DROOLING LADIES have first smooches with Pix!

*hehehe* You are being a naughty king! ;-) <br />
<br />
I love it!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

am i charming those lovely red panties off? lol

Very nice Sara... She is a very lovely lady......

*giggle* Oh Ptman!!! You are a charmer as well!!!! :-)

I personally am in awe of you Pix, the way you charm all the gentleman on here is something else. to include myself.

hehehe!!!!! ;-)

OMG I just saw this!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Pix gives Sara a big juicy kiss! *wink*

You're very sweet, Josie, but I am a mere candle to Pixie's spotlight of glamour!

Very true SG, Pix is something.<br />
<br />
Then again the same is true for you SaratogaGirl! (((((Hugs)))))<br />
<br />
Two beautiful lovely unforgettable Ladies with a large following of admirers. '-)

Well, your the KIng!

totally agree with you, that lady is totally awesome. and i love to flirt with her. lol