The Taming Of Max

Last year, during lunch , I was approached by 2 ladies, one whose son we were secretly force feminizing , and another unfamiliar face.
I quickly got an ear full about her bratty macho skate boarding , sports playing boy, Max .
As she explained how he talks back all the time, yells at her when he does not get what he wants, and has started hanging out with some hoods , she begged for my " special " type of assistance .
The next afternoon she had her wayward brat in my office awaiting my unique brand of demaling.
One problem was Max's wardrobe was way to macho . nauseating multi color ultra macho DC skate boarding shoes, plaid shorts gold necklace and DC shirt. I shook my head in disgust as I ushered him into examination # 2 . I had prepared a 1 year Androcur ( male hormone blocker implant , and 2 one year estrogen implants.
He was gorgeous , nice blonde hair sky blue eyes, 5' 4" 87 pounds. 26 inch waist size 6 DC skate boarding shoes, .
I directed him to remove his clothes & shoes, and to put on this gown for
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5 Responses May 25, 2012

I want to know how I can feminize my sone he is kinda a big macho football playing kid. He enjoys to party and I want to know how I can take this out of him. Please reply I need your help real bad.

that is amazing

You do all this at the moms request? I guess word of mouth is your best advertising.

I guess a super silly question. These boys are being feminized and that IS GOOD.<br />
When Max is older, he will be able to father a baby, right??<br />
<br />
At any rate, I wrote a response to another of your comments and believe VERY much in what you are doing. I even mentioned that this might even be good to start at an earlier year and last till 18 years of age. At age 18, could Max beable to father a baby, if so...keep him on the drugs for.......????????? He would make a super good husband that most women would be proud of.