One Room At a Time

so I decluttered my dining area. it was such a mess I didn't even have a dining table anymore! I just got a huge bag and chucked anything I hadn't used in 6 months in it. Basically half the things went into the bag. I had to keep a conscious effort to not wander into other rooms and start cleaning up there as well, cause if I did then I would have lost interest half way and then I would have had 3 different half cleaned rooms! So I decided to do just the dining room. And I also rearranged the furniture, moving the energy around a little bit. Now the place seems so much lighter! I love it! I even have a dining table again! Haha!

Next on the list is my living room area and work table. I need to rearrange my books and the wires around the television in the living room. The wires are a mess! I have no idea how to hide them or neaten them! But I'll try. The books just need to be wiped down and rearranged.

Same goes for my work table. Just need to rearrange the space and it'll be good to go!

I'll do it! One room at a time!
lifeisfabulous lifeisfabulous
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1 Response Jul 2, 2007

You can do it! Perhaps I should adopt your strategy as well...