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Thick Big Booty Black Women

I think that a round, protruding back side is beautiful. I Love booty dancing, it's gotten a bad name because of corrupt hip hop, but Booty dancing goes all the way back to Africa. It's a beautiful thing. Growing up, I was told something was wrong with my body because of it's natural shape. Now that I'm older, I've learned to appreciate my body.

Are you a big booty Black woman? Did you learn to love your booty?

Sexy Booty Dancing is very erotic and enticing, be proud and booty dance Black women!
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Am really nat a good dancer. But am proud of my big black booty. My boyfriend loves it when i bootydance for him. I am an african and proud to be one. Especially because of my booty. Lol

I'm a white guy, but I was dating a black gal working on her doctorate at a local university -- and it led to what I thought, at least, was an awesome booty dance experience.<br />
<br />
She lived in an apartment near the campus with several roommates, and one of them was a tall, thick black girl my g/f had mentioned several times as her "amazon roomie". (Supposedly, she was real strong "like a guy", and helped the rest of them move in, carrying all the heavy stuff for them.)<br />
<br />
Anyway, I went over there with my g/f one weekend, after she got off work, and they had a small party going on, blasting music, drinking and dancing. Her "amazon" friend was booty dancing in their living room, in a miniskirt, and I couldn't help but notice both her big, strong legs and her BIG booty.<br />
<br />
My g/f, obviously, noticed I was watching, but she just smiled and said, "See what I mean about her?" I said, "Yeah... damn. She has a booty shelf big enough, you could probably sit up there on it!"<br />
<br />
My g/f laughed, but to my surprise, said out loud, "I bet you could! I want to see that." -- and next thing I know, she's talking to her, daring her to try booty dancing to the next song with me sitting up on her butt. At that, her other female roommates were all chiming in too, saying "Yeah... let's see you give him a booty ride!"<br />
<br />
So I wound up hopping on her back, holding onto her shoulders. I kind of wrapped my legs around her waist, but she really did have a big enough donk so I was mostly just sitting on it. Her roommates started clapping and cheering. They put on the next song and she started "popping and dropping" and everything, like I wasn't even there! (It was pretty cool watching her leg muscles rippling as she went up and down with me, though.)<br />
<br />
At the end, I said "Wasn't that hard for you?" and she just laughed and said, "No... I mean, I could feel your weight on me but I have strong legs. It was like a nice little workout. How much you weigh?" I told her I was about 185, and she just said "Oh, that's nothing, babe. I'm about 250."<br />
<br />
Ever since then, when I see a black girl with a big booty bouncing, I can't help but think, "Hmm... wonder if she'd like a good leg workout?" :)

I read this quote today and I would like to share it with you: "I would rather be hated for being who I am than to be loved for being who I am not." Just wanted to share that with you. Please add me to your list of friends