Don't Poke the Bear!

I may put up with a lot, when it comes to myself. But, if you mess with my friends or family, be prepared for a fight! :-o

I have ZERO tolerance for this! And I can get rageful over it too... and I have too. =p

An example is, my best pal had said that someone had written a nasty comment to one of his stories. He said, while on webcam, that the comment was, "You stupid ****! No one cares to hear what you have to say! Get off!" And I said, "REALLY?" And he nodded and said, "Yeah." I instantly pulled up my browser to log onto EP, growling how I was now going to curse out this person fully, trying to keep the rage from exploding and from saying every curse that was popping into my head. That's my worse kind of mode, the silent and calm rage... whoever hurt my friend was going to wish he never posted anything on his story! :-/

And then he yells, "NO! Not really! I'm kidding! No one wrote that!" LOL! My anger went from 1000, instantly back to 0. I could have gotten angry with my best pal, but no... it was too funny! And I just laughed like a nut, happy that my friend wasn't hurt, a sense of relief washing over me. But, I was ready to be an park ape... to kick some *** and take some names! :-)

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Feb 28, 2009