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I have always been able to defend myself verbally, physically, well that's another story lol. I never resort to violence to settle disputes. Whether or not those around me can defend themselve's, I always intervene and let the attacking party know that I am not having any part of that. Friends and family, and yes, even the defenseless, I always do what I can to defend them. I hate to see anyone get hurt in anyway.

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15 Responses Feb 11, 2010

lmfao!! Maybe it will tell them to brush their damn teeth!

Here, have a tic tac.<br />
<br />
Don't you hate it when someone has dragon breath, and the person only offer's a tic tac, WTF is one micro tic tac gonna do?

Wait did you just say I have *** breath?

Damn woman you don't have to be mean, I am brushing my teeth with a floor waxer and nothing is cutting it!

you could kill a vampire with that hot *** breath.

That would probably be the garlic olives I ate earlier *covers mouth and runs to brush her teeth for the 90th time*

haha, no, I meant, watch your step, don't fall, but now that you mention it, it is a little funky smelling here,

*throws positive vibes towards Mia*

Thank you Lucky, I love the positive vibes.

Step what? did I step in something? Is that what that smell was... crap! I have to wash my shoe :(

I like this...nice.

Yes you did. Watch your step girl.

That is the way! :) Keep writing, I enjoy reading always... wooow I inspired someone woohoo! *skips out*

Thank you C, you inspired to put out more pieces than I had posted, so I will let my mind free flow :)

That is sweet :)<br />
I am the same way... I can't stand it, it makes me ache inside to see anyone or thing hurting. See now you write well :-P right to the point and you stay focused on the point lol my brain is all over the place.<br />
Kick @ss woman!