It Never Shocks Me When I Read So Many Stories About Domestic Violence

Just recentley I read a story that was written by a young lady who told how she heard a comotion that was loud enough to be heard from a few houses down. She wrote that this poor woman who had already broke off this relationship from her ex boy friend and he tricked her to come and see him, needless to say there was no happy ending. The man ended up being put in cuffs and taken away. I commented on this because of my views on this subject. I wanted to convey to all those woman who have been and is in fear of being brutelized by the boy friends, there is help out there ladies. and if you sense that your boy friend, husband has intentions of hurting you, there are outlets out there that will help you out of it and put these *** holes where they belong. I wold prefer putting them under a dump pile because they are nothnig but very bad excuse for a man peice of garbage. Don't ever get yourselves in a situation where you can not get out of. There is always help. Ask for it, don't just say well if he gets worse then I'll get the help, don't be afraid to get the help, even if he threatens you. A threat is also criminal. Even if he doesn't use physical abuse, verbal abuse is just asd bad because the scar will never go away. You have it in you to get away and god help you because you will need it. There is no steps in domestic violence.  No matter how you view it, if you peel, cut and core an apple, its still an apple. Don't be a statistsic. Be a hero in your own right. If you need help and the internet is the only form of comunicating, you have a powerful tool at your reach. Ask any of us for help, specially me. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are safe.

if you have a phone, then call the police, alot of ladies don't know that domestic violence is a Felony, punishible by jail time. get a restraining order or a protective order out on this POS. Don't settle for anything less and don't be afraid to file charges against them.


Woman should be treated like a gift from god because they are just that.

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Thank you in the name of all women for this post… There is a lot of help out there for women that were or are being abused… Victim Services, Family Violence Prevention, Social Services, and others, are organizations listed in the phone book that every women suffering familiar situations, no matter how serious she thinks it is, should contact… There is an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) that has immediately application and protect the woman and their children for an initial period of 30 days, extendable to 3 month, that will prevent a violent husband or person to come close to her and her children… This EPO can be change if consider in the course of that time to a longer period Protection Order that is determined by a judge… And that is only one of the many resources that injured women and families can find… Nobody have the right to abuse other people in any way, nor physically nor mentally… but there are other forms of violence as bad the same, the verbal abuse, the economical and emotional abuse leave a path of psychological damage that is usually permanent in the people who suffer it; and not only in the abused women, but it always have terrible repercussions in the children and elders who witnessed and suffer the violence too… <br />
If we women are afraid to do something for ourselves, to stop the violence pattern based in insecurity about our future, in fear and in the love we think we feel for the abuser… then we should do something for our children and elders, to protect them… It is our responsibility to protect the people we bring into this world, to provide them and teach them with a good example, to help them become good decent human being, useful to themselves and the society they live… If we don’t do anything we are raising a child that is going to become a potential abuser one day, based under the example he or she was raised… Harsh words, but a big truth… We Are Responsible for the People We Bring into This world Without to Ask for It… We have the obligation too to take care of our elders, the people who carry us and brigs us where we are today, and even when in many cases those people didn’t gave us love or even hurt us, we should show them different… We have the obligation, the strength and the ability to show the world better and to make this planet a better place to live.

Its woman like you that have the courage to stand up for themselves that will be the corner stone to abolishing domestic abuse. What happens is, its a sickness and the reason why I say this is that anyone in there right mind would not dare to even thnk they can rasie a hand. I stand true to this and I hope that this gets around to those who are in this situation, there is no such thing is a no win sinario, the proof is in the responses.<br />
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thanks all

that is my intentions whym, to help woman out there with no where ti turn, its about time that some one took a huge stand and atleast make some differance in there lives before its too late, thank you for the comment, really am touxched by it

Stop, look and listen and reconize the abuse

My mother is mexican, and back in her day it was really bad. It was expected for the man to abuse his wife, it was okay... they thought that that's the way it was supposed to be. I hear horror stories from my mother about all the bad things that all those men did to her. My grandmother was the sweetest person in the world, who never hurt anyone. And to think that first her husband would rape her, then when she got pregnant, he would violently cause her to have an abortion, one that she fought hard against. I guess you could call it an abortion, he held her down and shoved whatever he could find. I recently found out about this after my grandmother passed away. I felt really sad, but more angry that women put up with it. No one defended them, stood up to the abuser, or told the women that there was something more... that they didn't have to deal with that. My parents raised me to be tuff, independant, and a woman that says what she thinks, and fears no man. They raised my brother to never lay a hand on a woman, no matter how mad, hurt, or upset he gets. He knows if he ever does, we would kill him ourselves, and I love my brother, but I would do it. Luckily, I found a man that can deal with me, and has the same opinions about abuse, any kind of abuse will not be tolerated, ever. He has never layed a hand on me, and I truly believe he never will. Mostly becuase he knows I will put him in the ground if he did.....

These are the sories of courage for those who will not take it any more. I know its easier said then done when nothing else is said nor is anything is done. This why we need to take a stand and advocate for those who have been abused in such a way that they never show themselves again in fear of it happening again. We as men and I mean real men can't wrap our heads around why they do this and to tell you the truth there is no valid reason why they take it upon themselves to treat these woman the way they do. Those aren't men people, they are below animals. This problem will go on and on unless we do somthinig to improves thses woman's chances to get out of it and survive and live a better life. The physical scars will disapear, but the emotional scars will always remain in the wake of the abuse. As I've said, get involved, if you hear or are exsposed to what is going on, take a stand and step up for those who are trapped.

Abuse happens to many people, not just ladies, but the ones you only hear about are the females who finally got away or those unlucky ones who did not. I know the pain of living with a man who was physically abusive, he was also emotionally and mentally abusive. I have a few scars left over from him, most internal, yet a couple external; even landed me in the hospital a time or two. For 5 years he held me captive by fear alone, not fear that he would hurt himself as a lot of guys do, but fear that he would kill me as many times he had made the statement that if he couldn't have me no man could have me.<br />
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It took getting pregnant by him to fully wake me up. After 5 years of his abuse I was able to call it quits, because of the fact that I no longer had myself to worry about. I had a new life that was innocent and didn't ask to be brought into such a situation, therefore I found the strength deep inside that I always had, but hid, and got away from the abuser. I live by the saying "You can beat the hell out of me, but you won't lay a hand on my child." I left him Jan. 2000 and have never looked back. To this day, nearly 10 years now, he has never seen his son, never tried to contact his son, or anything. Then again we are better off without him in our lives. Not to mention I don't take much flack from a guy anymore, if they raise their hand to me, I step up, raise my chin a notch and dare them to do it, with the warning that they had better kill me or I would kill them after they failed in abusing me.

Unique I am pleased that you take a stand on this ongoing violence because other woman should follow suit, there is a philosophy that came to mind when it comes to woman getting the help they need in such cases like this. Its better said then done qwhen its already said and nothing is ever done. Woamn out there need our support and they need to know that they can get that support here by EP Members. I appreciate your reply to this story Red. If you encounter friends or people who have voiced there concerns as to how to get out of a bad relationship, direct them to there local States Attorney's office or find a web sight for them that will direct them to the people they need to be talking with. All my hopes and prayers to those who feel there is no way out, the fact is there is.....<br />
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Thanks everyone ;o) @--->>--

I agree. No man is going to lay a hand on me or he'll lose the use of that hand. I'd rather be alone than with someone that treats me poorly. No all women feel this way and they get trapped into bad relationships.

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