Non-locality, Quantum Consciousness, M.o.

I decided my higher power is M.O., macrocosmic omniverse. It has the characteristics of Goswami's quantum consciousness. Everything around you is made up of consciousness. You are created from consciousness, which surrounds you, animates you, moves through you, and creates in conjunction with you. "God" such a terrible word for such magnificence is all there is. M.O. Is all there is. There is no duality. It isn't God looking down or looking for that matter. If we are looking, then it is God or M.O. Looking. Experience humanity through humanity. Know because it is knowledge itself. No duality. Can you wrap your mind around that concept? According to Goswami, duality has been the prime issue with scientists in the debate against the existence of God. When we realize, no separation just the one of many or the many of one is in existence all debate against the existence of a Source is thrown out the window. It is all about the definition. Your thoughts are consciousness. Where ever you are at on the continuum, is all supposed to be...whether you think God is God or the tree is God...whether God is a mean 'ol angry father holding a staff with a crown on his head, or if god is actually believed to be a Goddess of Nature, no God at all. It is supposed to be. At some point on the continuum, I believed God was the was powerful in my experience, then it was water, than fire, and then earth....then at some point in my incarnations I knew it had to be each of these things all together no, fire, air, water and a fifth...what is the fifth? Energy? Consciousness? Whatever the present idea or belief, there are still more ideas and beliefs to come as we evolve, learn, die and are reborn. Questions go on and on into eternity. Right? wrong? Who cares in the end....we are all on the same page because we are equally right and equally wrong. Right because it is what we know in the Now and wrong because there is no absolute on this question for us, there is no end to this for us.
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What we know? Have you seen the video? I find it intriguiging but question it's creators......<br />
Quatum Physics is changing our consciousness.....check out David Wilcock.....if you'd like .....

There are two possibilities you are playing with:<br />
Pantheism = everything is god and god is everything. This is your view expressed here. <br />
Immanence & transcendence = god is present to everything, but also beyond everything. God created a universe that is not 'him'. God is present, but god is other. God was present in the wind, but was not the wind itself. It is a logical possibility. I tend towards this.

I have never heard of Immanence &amp; transcendence. I do like Panentheism much better. It is more respectful of me and my life, thus it calls me to be more respectful of you and your life.

I find the idea of a separate god quite repulsive.

But as you said, you don't understand immanence and transcendence. If you did, you would find it is intensely respectful of you, your life, the value of others, and in fact more respectful of your individuality than pantheism. I do appreciate both perspectives. When you live in a country where pantheism dominates you see the ugly side of it - which is based on not truly understanding it. I suspect you live in a country where you've seen the ugly side of christianity - again mispractice.

BluOmni and I are not describing Pantheism. We describe something more akind to Panentheism. VERY different. I suspect that you don't know what BlueOmni is talking about or you would would not have used the word "ugly".

Rolle2323 wrote:<br />
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There is a separation between God and man because God is a spirit that seeks love and understanding...and needs to understand Himself. <br />
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I reply:<br />
<br />
You believe God needs to understand Himself? I can't think of God as being a Him or a She. Biological beings have genders and sexes... God being all powerful is not confined to gender or sex or the biological parts associated with gender and sex. Every time I read "Him" "Her" or "He" for some reason it just strikes me as being off the mark. Humanity seeks love and understanding. God is all knowing, all powerful, and omnipresent. Why would God seek anything? If a being seeks understanding, this means it doesn't have all the answers and so is not all knowing, therefore, not God. If a being seeks love, this means it has not discovered that the being is "love" itself and therefore, does not have to go anywhere to find it. <br />
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Humanity sees a separation between himself and God. There is no separation. Every atom, every particle is infused with God... Energy. <br />
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God does not need to appreciate "His" splendor because the splendor is God itself and being all knowing it already knows the splendor that exists anywhere. <br />
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You wrote of distance. There is no time or space. There are no boundaries for God. No distance exists between God and creation because God and Creation are one in the same.

This is almost exactly what I believe. I don't express it in the same way...but I believe that God permeates the very fiber of the Universe with His spirit...that He IS the Universe and is ALL Universes...nothing exists which is not God. And I believe that God can choose to be anything He wants to be whenever and however He wants...and that He lives inside my heart....just as He lives in the space between the stars. I think he has thousands of faces...and that every god or goddess that ever was or will be was perhaps God showing man a different facet of Himself, so that man could see Him with his limited understanding, and appreciate and know that one aspect. There is a separation between God and man because God is a spirit that seeks love and understanding...and needs to understand Himself. Only by creating us and separating us from Himself could he have eyes at a distance to see and appreciate His own splendor. I know I'm saying this badly...who can express the nature of God?

"I can tell you what they say in space, that the world is too gray" -mm, disassociative<br />
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I think disassociation is related to non-locality and it's subtle use by people~

I like your words friend,,,and thank you for sharing,,,I know what I am,,, where I came from,,,and what I am here for,,,,and I can be the whole sum of everything,,,,you are right that nothing is seperated ,,,Mary