God? God Who?

What exactly is a god? Simple, someone who has transcended all levels of human proportions to the state of divinity and all that crap. Someone who could do something none of us can. In layman terms, THE GUY'S A SERIOUSLY STRONG DUDE. But guess what? We're strong too. We can evolve and become strong or strong-er for some. To the level of god? Maybe, but if we keep believing that god is a being who is constantly powerful over us? Then no. We've got to accept the fact slowly but surely at least, that god or whoever the heck wrote our life script won't be out 'there' constantly helping us. We've got be strong, and independent. God is powerful, now. But later on? Maybe he can evolve like we do, but his potential is much less than ours, so for all the love that's still holy, START BECOMING STRONG.
Forsaken101 Forsaken101
13-15, M
Jan 19, 2013