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I am a Christian who doesn't necessarily believe that all of the bible is correct or should be taken literally.

I believe in a higher power simply because I can feel a higher power. I believe we were created to evolve, so the creation/evolution argument is fruitless to me. I believe God has male and female characteristics and does not always look human. God is a shapeshifter of sorts. I believe we were created by God as children to learn and experience for God. Everything we experience, God receives the information, much like a giant intangible hard drive. It is the Collective Consciousness. The Godhead. God created us so that we may grow and learn and share wisdom and love one another, but I do believe in darkness. God did not create the darkness. It has always been.

I believe that God does not care if we are gay or straight, swear or not, etc. God is not that petty. God is more concerned with whether or not we are learning and growing and seeing the bigger picture. I call myself a Christian because I believe in Christ's teachings, but I don't know if I believe that he died for our "sins". I believe the only sin is to turn away from God, meaning, to disrespect all that God has created for us by harming it or it's creatures.

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I don't understand you Christian a follower of christ? But you don't believe he died for you? Snd you don't belive all of the word of god he said was truth. You can't know one without the other you can't believe part but not all. It dosnt make sense to believe it half way and say you are something you obviously have problems with accepting

It's called using the brain God gave you.

He did give you a brain but you can't claim to be a folloer of Jesus and not accept his ways and his words I wouldn't call myself a Christian if you believe that way

Well, fortunately, only God can judge me. :)

Im not judging u I'm saying what Christianity is and wondering why your Christian if you don't believe these ways

I respect the fact that you don't agree with my beliefs. I'm secure enough in my faith that I will not debate people. Thank you.

Im not debating I'm just asking a question if you don't believe everything dealing with jesus then why say your Christian when it means folloer of christ which means you believe everything he taught

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I believe that what most call "sin" is really "fear". Not only is it fear, it is irrational fear. <br />
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I too love the teachings of Jesus and have discarded the other parts of the story that have been taken directly out of Mithraism. If one dares test the teachings of Jesus, one WILL discover that there is nothing to fear.<br />
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In this way, I do not believe in evil or darkness - except that what many call evil is just immature goodness. Good CAN exist without evil. It is called Potential.

what a beautiful way of looking at the higher power. Really, impressed and touched me. Kind of the way I look at it. And I agree. Very cool how you look at god/higher power.

^ I think you explained it quite well, and I agree!

Interesting... thanks for sharing....<br />
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The "God" I know can be thought of as a shape shifter as well.... For lack of better words to describe such a complex concept. My thought is that "God" or the Omniverse is all of us. But not its totality. If you were for instance going to take out of the equation all of what humans know to exist as well as humanity and you were to look at what was left behind, you would find Energy at its purest, fastest, lightest, and highest. It would not even appear to be Light because there would be no thing peering at it with eyes and having that information translated through the brain's biological processes. It would be something so unfathomable. <br />
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We are all creations of the OMniverse and its energy is what animates and what is ultimately called life. But it goes further than that. We are parts of "God" that is compelled to create. The world in which we live is made up of its Energy as well but each non-living thing's energy is vibrating and emanating at a different frequency than does the livng things. Human beings are the highest form of energy consciousness on the planet. Our energy emanates and radiates a different way. We know that there is something Greater because we know our connection to it. It is what allows us to create. It is what compells us to love and to protect. <br />
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I wish that I could explain all of my thoughts in a complete way with all the right words.